Helpful Tips on Fence Repair

Le Thu 29 September 2016

Fence repair is a skill that homeowners should have to help keep their fences in good condition at all times. Most homeowners add fences around their property not just to increase the value of their lot but also to give them privacy as well as security. Wood fences are one of the most popular choices when it comes to fences but you should know that having one in your place requires regular maintenance. Sometimes, fence repair is needed to bring back your fence’s natural beauty. There are different types of fence ideas that you can look into if you plan on putting up a perimeter fence in your lot. If you want to bring a rustic appeal to your home, looking at wood fence designs may be worth considering. Of course, installing it may be another matter. If you don’t have the skills to put up a fence in your area, might as well look for fence contractors to hire.

This way, you don’t have to waste time, effort and money in the long run because an expert is already setting up your beautiful fence for you. Hiring an expert can also help you avoid fence repair for long periods of time. If you chose to install a wood fence you know that you need to be ready for any fence repair when needed. Fortunately, these repairs can be done by any homeowner who knows how to work their way around tools such as hammer, nails and even paint. So, for those who will be proud owners of a wooden fence, here are some helpful advice on how to apply fence repair on your broken fence.

Wooden Fence Post Replacement

The first thing that you should check when it comes to wood fence posts is whether they are riddled with rot or if they are simply loose. If it is the latter, you can just reinforce your fence posts with proper fencing materials. When checking the wooden posts for rot, simply scrape off the dirt at the bottom and use your screwdriver to poke the posts. If the wood gives way, it means that rot is present.

Once you have your replacement posts on hand, you should remove the adjacent post. You can remove these sections using a crowbar to remove the nails then move the posts back and forth until you can remove them from the concrete. You can now place the newer posts. Make sure that they are flushed in the space available before sealing it with concrete.

Replacing Boards and Picket Fences

When it comes to wood repair, any damaged wood fence should be repaired or replaced immediately. Usually when doing fence repair, the damaged sections need to be removed leaving you open spaces in your fence but only temporarily. If you are planning on repairing your fence but don’t want to see any gaps, you should first secure the materials you need for fixing your wooden gates. You might want to consider replacing the entire section of your fence if there are some parts that have received damage.

This way, your fence will look better because they are uniform with one another. You can use your hammer to pound on the broken boards that need to be replaced so they can be removed. Make sure that the materials you have are already cut accordingly so you won’t have any trouble installing them during fence repair. Start with the top rail first when nailing it to the frame so you can adjust when needed. Afterwards, you can start nailing the boards at the bottom to secure them in place.

Strengthening Wooden Gate Frame

Another advice when it comes to fence repair particularly with regards to sagging frames is to double check the hinges. Chances are they may be bent out of shape due to wear and tear.

Where to Find Fence Supplies for Fence Repair

There are dozens of places where you can purchase cheap fencing materials for fence repair. Check out your local hardware store and see whether they have anything that might come in handy for your fence repair project. Of course, you need to have an idea on the fence cost so you will be able to prepare for it. Keep in mind to consider getting the advice of a fence repairman to assess the damage so you will be able to get all the necessary materials to rebuild your fence. When it comes to fence repair these tips can help you save more while at the same time keep your fence looking better, sturdier and more beautiful at the same time.

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