PDF Advertising Basics

Did you know that you can use offline advertising through PDF documents?

One of the larger downsides to using the Internet to market is that not everyone has access to the Internet. This is also the prime reason people still use non-internet marketing, the fact that there are people out there who won’t be able to see your goods without the Internet.

You also must consider that while people may use the Internet, some may not be on long enough to really get a good look at your product, and they may want a hard copy of what they see. So how can this be corrected?

The PDF format is what you are looking for. Basically the PDF is short hand for Portable Document Format. I am sure you picked up on the Portable portion of the abbreviation. However portability is not the only benefit this format can bring. But we will reach that as we continue.

Adobe Systems created this type of file format which can be easily downloaded through the Internet. This file type is easily shared and just as easily sent out as a hard copy even after being printed, it will remain completely self contained, including the original graphics, texts and even the hyperlinks to a file you may use. The Adobe Reader is the tool used to read the PDF files which are created in Adobe Acrobat.

After downloading a PDF file from the Internet, you are able to print many copies to use offline. Thanks to this hard copy aligning with the Internet version, people will have something in their hands they can browse at their leisure. Of course these loose hard copies may be left around for the casual passerby to stumble upon. Then they may even reprint them and send more out. PDF really can bridge the gap between marketing on the Internet and in the real world.

The little bit of time that you take to create the document and then load it onto the Internet is quite a tiny price for such a massive exchange that bridges two marketing world. The best part is that it is free. Not a single dime will leave your pocket and many clients will have access to your service not only on the Internet but in the form of a hard copy. Also, due to the fact they may print it out themselves, you save on distribution. Your wallet won’t have to suffer for the amount you will be getting done.

If you use MS word, your document may be altered in some way. If another online marketer finds your MS word document they can alter it to use for their own business or even change it in a form that may ruin your credibility. The MS read only password option won’t protect your document either.

It can easily be saved under a different name once they made changes. But there are security settings with Adobe Acrobat which will allow you to protect your reputation and ideas so you can put it out on the Internet and still edit it as you see fit.

And thanks to the fact that search engines now pick up on PDF files, you will see even more traffic than before! Usually when people are searching for something in particular, they will use certain phrases, this is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization may come in handy while publishing your documents onto the Internet.