ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection Review

ID WATCHDOG : True Identity Protection (TM)ID Watchdog has been in the business of protecting against identity theft since 2004. They have strong connections to a wide network of law enforcement, banking, judicial, and advocacy entities to make them among the most resourceful companies that protect citizens from this crime and help them get their lives back in order if they have been victimized by it.

ID Watchdog is committed to providing each customer of theirs the most comprehensive services available on the market today. From a patent pending credit monitoring system to one of the most unique identity resolution guarantees available today, you can rest assured that your identity will be as safe as possible in the hands of ID Watchdog.

ID Watchdog also offers business services including mobile and web-based applications, as well as desktop software, to help keep your business safe. And if you are a business owner, you even have the ability to offer ID Watchdog services to your employees as a unique employee benefit.

Monitoring Your Identity Directly At the Source

ID Watchdog implements its monitoring and detection strategy to work closely together by first establishing what records to check for a customer, and then checking those records on a periodic basis in order to detect suspicious activity or just make sure everything is in order. This patent pending system gets to the core information of each account their customer holds so it can be monitored extremely accurately for fraud, abuse, or theft attempts.

ID Snapshot

ID Watchdog first makes a baseline profile by analyzing the occurrence of your identifying information across a series of hundreds of databases which the company has access to. Some of these databases include:
  • U.S. Criminal Records
  • U.S. Wants and Warrants
  • Global Criminal Records
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • DMV
  • Social Security Number
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Civil Court Records
While other companies may check multiple databases, ID Watchdog has the ability to take a snapshot from all of the above and prepare a complete profile based on what it finds in these databases. If an item changes away from this baseline measurement in any one of the areas, the customer is notified.

An Easy Alert System That Puts You In Control

When ID Watchdog receives an alert regarding your identity, they will then send that alert to you so that you can review the information. This allows you to see if the activity in question is something that you have authorized or if it is indeed unauthorized activity. If you deem it to be unauthorized activity, you can then flag it for ID Watchdog investigators to follow up upon.

Recovery Assistance with a 100% Guarantee

With ID Watchdog, you get a 100% resolution guarantee with both the Plus and Platinum programs. The recovery process involves getting a police report and ID theft affidavit to document an identity theft incident. You would then give limited power of attorney to ID Watchdog so that the company’s resolution specialists can work to get records associated with the true person. This 100% resolution guarantee applies to new incidents that occur while covered by one of the two ID Watchdog identity theft protection programs.

It’s Easy to Use ID Watchdog

It’s easy to sign up for ID Watchdog! You really have one choice that you need to make when signing up for identity theft protection services: do you need credit monitoring services included with your identity theft protection program? If so, then you will want to sign up for the ID Watchdog Platinum Protection Program, which monitors your credit through your credit reports and your credit score in addition to the Plus Protection Program benefits.

Otherwise, you will enjoy the Plus Program that ID Watchdog offers, which monitors your identification for fraud, monitors the internet for identity fraud events related to you, and monitors non-credit related loans for fraudulent activities.

Business customers are offered unique services based on their individual circumstances and will offer you a custom proposal based on a complete review of your business.

What sets ID Watchdog apart from the rest of the industry is their unique 100% resolution guarantee. There are no gimmicky insurance policy numbers involved with this company – if you have your identity stolen while you are covered by ID Watchdog’s services, then your costs are covered to recover and re-establish your identity no matter how much those costs happen to be.

Pricing & Value

The ID Watchdog Plus Program is priced at $14.95/month, while the ID Watchdog Platinum Program is priced at $19.95/month. Discounts of up to 25% are sometimes offered if you purchase an identity protection annual plan. To sign up for a program that best suits your needs today, you can begin here.

Business customers are quoted a price based on the unique proposal that you receive. To get the process started, you can contact ID Watchdog today through this link.Protect Your Identity Today!

ID Watchdog has been recognized by the Consumer Federation of America as providing an outstanding value for the services they provide. With their “whatever it takes” attitude to restore your identity should it be compromised, you can rest assured that they will be dedicated to insuring your identity stays unique to you. You simply cannot go wrong with the choice to join the ID Watchdog family today if you feel that their services will meet your needs.

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